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Color It Red by Ella Superstarr's Style Hacks

Winter for some people is daunting however, I like to spice it up and wear the hot colors for this season. I would say "Color it Red" because I love autumn and winter months. It's cold outside but the warm colors makes you feel better. The changes of the trees and colors of the leaves specially here in Zurich Switzerland is the most oh inspiring views, starting from magnificent yellow, auburn to red colours of the trees. This popping colors inspires me very much so I kinda blend this mood also for my dolls.

The joy of wearing a red sweater makes me feel like warm and happy. For sure your dolls are looking great wearing this Red Cherry Sweater. The sweater is hand knitted with special designs at the front. Also it has a large collar to roll over which can switch styles from turtle neck to off- shoulder. Simply easy to slip on sweater without any sticky velcro's at the back.


Of course, you can't get wrong to accessorised this sweater with your doll's favourite sunglasses. I love to match it with pearls, earrings and bracelets with a gold tinge.

Lastly, who doesn't want to wear her favourite perfume whilst sipping with a scrumptious spiced latte from the Starbucks coffee. Isn't this marvellous?

Should we think that these can also apply to normal human size outfits, of course, if you wish to do so. But for now, were just creating styles for one sixth scale size.

Dressing up your dolls to its perfection is definitely a camera ready. I hope you guys feeling the same vibe as I do. Don't make the weather feeling you blue but instead wear something fabulous for the weather!

Until next time. Stay safe, Keep smiling and stay gorgeous.

Love and Kisses,

Ella Superstarr

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