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Count Down Begins: Christmas 2022

I am always excited when it is the month of December because Christmas is fast approaching. Do you like putting up Christmas trees or even placing gifting socks above the fire place? Some people don't like Christmas but do you know what? I do love Christmas. This is the only month of the year where I can celebrate, be merry with friends and enjoy life in festivities. Being happy is significant and also it is a gift of the importance of time being positive.

Well to begin with, the EXTRAVAGANZA girls are putting up their favourite Christmas hats just like Ella loves her stripe in red and green elf hat, Lou Lou as the reindeer, Mara is wearing the Santa hat and Ysabelle is like the elfin in green hat.

Whilst, Elyss started placing her decorations on her white Christmas tree. She said "Oh! I love to make a simple but classy tree for this year which is in white and gold combinations." She has definitely a luxurious Christmas golden tree.

Lastly, the most precious one is not to forget to visit our dealers worldwide as our Ella Baxter doll is available on pre-order and surely the perfect gift for this year's treat.

Ella Baxter your finest fashion influencer is the most beautiful gift for this Christmas. Click the name of the store to find out more details how to order:

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This month is the time for gift giving. Sharing something special for your love ones make them feel extra significant. Tell us how do you spend your time with family on Christmas? Would you buy them some special gifts?

*For me, I like to give the best for my family this is either giving small gifts or just spending time with them like cooking special food for the holidays. Since I am away from my family, I usually call them on Skype and we do a group chat together. It is not the same as meeting each other in person during Christmas. But the spirit of togetherness and family importance is there. Once a year I make sure I visit my family to make them feel extra special.*

If you would like some questions or any topic you want to asked. Don't hesitate to tell us, so, we can discuss about this via our next blog. Please share your comments below.

Thank you everyone for reading our blog and see you next time. Happy Holidays!

Love Much xoxo

Ella Superstarr


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