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Ella Superstarr: First time at Big Eyes Doll Show

Exciting news and super thrilled to inform you guys that Ella Superstarr and the EXTRAVAGANZA dolls are heading to our first doll exhibition. Yes, you read it right, our first doll exhibition.

We are attending to exhibit two of our best dolls from the EXTRAVAGANZA collection at the prestigious Big Eyes Doll Show in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date: March 19, 2022

Venue: Loods6, KNSM-Laan 143 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ticktes: Available online. Link here

For those who don't know about "Big Eyes Doll Show". It started around 2019, not so long ago and a yearly event that happens around spring time in Amsterdam. They invited collectors,artists and doll wholesalers from around the world to gather in one showroom. It used to be a small exhibition and now it becomes a favourite destination for fashion doll enthusiasts to meet, greet and enjoy the world of dolls. It halted from last year due to the pandemic. But, this year, they are open again ready to exhibit for the first time. Normally, it is an exhibition for Blythe dolls only and now they are expanding; inviting other fashion doll exhibitors to join. The exhibition is one of the biggest Blythe convention in Europe and Ella Superstarr is privilege taking part on this exciting event this year. Our team are so much thankful to Joelle and the organisation for believing in our dolls.

If you're in Amsterdam on these dates, come see us and let's enjoy discovering the world of Blythe and fashion dolls.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend; #stayhealthy #keepsmiling because you are #superblyamazing just #staygorgeous

Until next episode!

Love and Kisses,

Ella Superstarr


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