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Elyss or is it Emily in Paris?

Binge TV is an ultimate guide to relax myself. Would you agree? Last weekend all I did was to enjoy sitting at the couch drenching myself with latte macchiato and cookies. Netflix was my go to place to find great TV series or movies. Of course, the top of my list to watch was "Emily in Paris". If you had watched the season 1, definitely you will fall in love with Gabriel and the wittiness of Emily Cooper which I think they were match for each other since the day they met. But anyways, the season 2 came up this week and even more I am obsessed with the full story.

After watching the whole film, I am literally decided to create a doll version of Emily Cooper wearing her blue ruffled asymmetrical dress whilst she was in St. Tropez. This is one of my favourite dress in the film. I also made a full video on how to make this dress from scratch.

I hope you liked the dress I made and perhaps next time we can make a human size of this version. My question is, how many times I did say "OMG" on this episode? Watch the full video so that you will know.

Thank you for reading my blogs and I wish everyone a wonderful day!

Love and Kisses,

Ella Superstarr XOXO


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