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Fashion Fantabulous: Kiss and Tell

I was enthusiastic browsing online and have this Monday feeling of mundane blues.

Normally, I hate Mondays because it is back to work and with usual routine. However, it is 2022, so I have to change my lower energy habits. Do you have any new year's resolutions?

I have so many and yet staying positive and energetic are surely one of them. Would you agree with me? I have imagined that when you are at work everyone has to say something specially during lunch break or teatime. Chit chatting is a form of entertainment and for me this is like gathering information. This prompt me to have this idea that we should start doing questionnaires for everyone to engage with, so then Monday isn't mundane after all. I have posted already some on my IG story and we plan to do this all year round. We post every Mondays and we hope you have some story to tell with Ella. We will randomly ask questions to everyone and only you have to do is simply reply. This is great right?

Another thing to kiss and tell, last year was the most busiest I have been. Aside from the Christmas holidays, I was creating this beautiful doll Fleur De Luna Elyss alongside Extravaganza dolls which you read on our previous blog. I was excited after I receive these dolls and earlier this week I did some several shots and videos for Elyss. Attached here is her video footage wearing her pink tulle dress. She looks amazing whilst wearing her accessories such as pearl necklace with bracelet. Her pink hand bag paired with glittered pump heels definitely completes the look.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading our updates on our dolls. They are beautiful and lovable collectible items which you can buy on pre-order via our shop. For wholesalers please do not hesitate to contact us on our email at so that I can immediately answer your enquiries.

Have a wonderful day everyone and wishing you all great health.

Love and Kisses,

Ella Superstarr


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