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Fleur De Luna ELyss Doll

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Hello! It's December month. It is super great now it's festive season. I always love December because this is a month of giving and surprises for everyone. Speaking of surprises, we are so thrilled to introduce you our new love doll " Fleur De Luna Elyss"

Fleur Del Luna means "The Moon Flower" - Elyss as we chose her name because this means " E.L.Y.S.S. in acronym is to Elate and give joy to others, Luxury, Young as we never grow old in free spirited way, Sensational as you know how to make a splash and lastly, Select as are few chosen to play (ages 10 and up collectors only).

This is also to celebrate the new year of 2022 despite of the pandemic. I wanted to reminisce the essence of self worth and this reminds me of the moon flower which is super delicate flower that only blooms once in every full moon. Elyss wears this beautiful chiffon gown cascading to the floor. Accentuated with crystal beads around the shoulders, head piece, embellished with floral motifs and ribbons. The light blue represents the pure, visionary and sincere like the color of the moonlight as it gazes to the horizons.

Her beautiful face captures the innocence just like the flower itself. Elyss is made of vinyl plastic with 16 joints of articulations. So, she can definitely do different poses on camera. She is the same height as Barbie, Momoko and Blythe dolls.

She is just perfect for gifting ideas this coming Christmas 2021 & 2022 or any occasions and birthdays.

This fashion doll is available via Pre- Order via our shop. Click here for more details.

Last few weeks I was a bit busy looking through my previous designs and it gave me this inspirational thoughts. I started to realised that I wanted to create more dolls than I supposed to create more clothes for people. Instead, my passion for dolls is my call. Immediately I was working on the new project to fulfil my hunger for creativity. On the contrary, this beautiful doll "Fleur De Luna - Elyss" is just recently released which you can purchase via our online shop. So, I decided to explore more in research and getting to know more about fashion dolls. Now, I am hooked up in designing new dolls, I have few more to reveal anytime soon.

Therefore, always keep tuning with us so that you will be the first to know the latest details and exclusive behind scene updates about our new dolls. Definitely the members and subscribers will have the first glance and grabs for these lovelies. But for now, this is a top secret. However, I want to excite you guys about our new products and my next chapter in life.. So, becoming a doll designer. You got it girl! #staygorgeous and believe.

Until next time.

Love and Kisses,

Ella Superstarr

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