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Glamour and Elegance at the Zurich Film Festival 2023: Joana Almagro and Ella Superstarr Shine

The Zurich Film Festival 2023, one of Europe's most prestigious film events, was a star-studded affair that celebrated the magic of cinema and style. Among the illustrious attendees was Joana Almagro, the owner and designer of Ella Superstarr, a name synonymous with sophistication and fashion innovation. Joana, accompanied by her charming daughter, Miss Jo-jo, attended the gala awards night as VIP guests, gracing the green carpet with their captivating presence.

The Spectacular Gown: A Masterpiece by Joana Almagro

Joana Almagro is renowned for her impeccable sense of style and design prowess, and her attire for the evening certainly did not disappoint. She created her gown from scratch, a testament to her incredible talent. The gown was a breathtaking blend of classic glamour and contemporary allure.

Joana's gown featured a black fully sequinned halter top, exuding a touch of old Hollywood charm. It gracefully led to a waistline adorned with plum frills, adding a playful and romantic element to the ensemble. The skirt, on the other hand, was a work of art in itself, crafted from embroidered off-white lace with intricate cut-out flowers. To enhance its allure, the lace was adorned with pearls and crystals, lending an ethereal quality to the gown. The result was a beautifully crafted, elegant masterpiece that turned heads on the green carpet.

Miss Jo-jo: A Mini-Me in Matching Elegance Keeping with the theme of mother-daughter elegance, Miss Jo-jo wore a matching gown, proving that style indeed runs in the family. She radiated charm and grace, sharing the spotlight with her mother. In a gown identical to Joana's, Miss Jo-jo looked like a miniature fashion icon. The black sequinned skirt and the lace off-white bustier top gave her an age-appropriate yet strikingly stylish appearance. The young fashionista was ready to conquer the evening with style and grace.

A Star-Studded Gala Awards Night The Zurich Film Festival 2023 gala awards night was a spectacle to behold. A sea of VIPs and celebrities gathered on the green carpet to celebrate and honor the best in the world of cinema. Joana and Miss Jo-jo fit right in with their elegant ensembles, effortlessly posing for the cameras. The awards ceremony was a huge success, honoring outstanding talents in the film industry. Notably, the celebrity band Pegasus was present to entertain the audience with their electrifying performance, making the night even more unforgettable.

The After Party: A Night of Dancing and Celebration After the awards ceremony concluded, the festivities continued with a glamorous after-party. Miss Jo-jo was ready to dance the night away with friends, and her outfit transition was on point. She changed into a black sequinned skirt paired with a lace off-white bustier top, striking a balance between elegance and youthful exuberance. Miss Jo-jo's cocktail dress was a stylish choice for the after-party, and she looked like a fashion diva in the making. The night was filled with laughter, dance, and celebration, making it an unforgettable conclusion to an already spectacular evening.

Conclusion The Zurich Film Festival 2023 was a showcase of cinematic brilliance and high fashion. Joana Almagro and her daughter, Miss Jo-jo, added a touch of glamour and elegance to the event. Joana's self-designed gown was a true work of art, while Miss Jo-jo's youthful exuberance and style proved that fashion knows no age. Together, they lit up the green carpet and left an indelible mark on this star-studded occasion. The Zurich Film Festival 2023 was not just about cinema; it was also a celebration of fashion, style, and the magic of red carpet moments. 🌟 New collections dropping soon on our website! Browse our latest merchandise and stay in the loop. Don't forget to hit the subscribe, like, and follow buttons on IG and Youtube @ellasuperstarr for updates. Until next time, #keepsmiling and #staygorgeous! 💃✨ Much Love XOXO,

Ella Superstarr


Amazing event, i love the pictures And súper elegant looks!


Oct 09, 2023

What a fabulous occasion! You both looked so sophisticated💕

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