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Newest Doll Collection Ella Superstarr Is Here: 2022 Collectors Item

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

We are thrilled to announce Ella Superstar's "One of Its Kind Collection" our latest dolls revealed. These ON.I.K.C. or ONIKC which sounds unique are definitely a one- off dolls. These are besties Ella and Marionette who are unbelievable and most your most trusted friends. Ella is wearing her favourite designer metallic blue body bag and accessorised with leopard knee high boots. She is wearing a light blue sweater dress. Her bestie, Marionette is wearing also sweater dress with hoodies. She also has off white pearl and crystal body bag, head band, bracelet and black patent knee high boots. The girls are ready for their fashion frenzy winter stroll. Dolls are sold separately. To get to know more of them click here for more details.


Hope you are excited as we are because you can see also our latest vlog and short clips on Tiktok. We like to reach out everyone by showing you some fun and compelling stories. Follow us on Tiktok @ellasuperstarrofficial and keeping you updated on our latest features.

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So until next time! Always stay safe, keep smiling & share your love to others but also don't forget to love yourself.

Kisses XOXO,

Ella Superstarr


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