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Happy Chinese New Year 2022: What brings you Luck?

Bing! bang! clash! The fireworks are now bursting. It is nice that where ever in the world or when I am watching on social media, everyone is celebrating the new lunar year of 2022. This year is all about the Tiger; which means you have total strength and a have great power. People who are born in this year are like rulers such as Queen Elizabeth of England or famous celebrity like Lady Gaga.

For me that is such a coincidence. What makes me believe that in a Chinese tradition, you must wear a red colour outfit in celebrating the New Year. This means that the colour red gives positivity and great happiness in many years ahead. Red is also the symbol of love and giving.

Did you know in Chinese tradition that placing money on a red envelop called Ampao or Hongbao brings wealth and success? However, many believe that the importance isn't placing money on the envelop but instead the envelop itself because red means prosperity in Asian culture.

There are many traditions when it comes to do's and don'ts when the new lunar year comes.

I could still remember when I was young, my mother prepares a very tasty meal with lots of dumplings because traditionally, they are delicious and it resembles the pieces of gold during the ancient times. The more you put it on the table, the vast wealth you will receive in the years ahead. That sounds wonderful. Would you agree with this?

Another example, she will tell me to not clean or do household chores when it strikes midnight because that looses your luck when you do so. You are only allowed to do it the day after the new year passes. Furthermore, never buy shoes or books on the day of new year because the word "shoe or books" are resemblance to a word "Shu" which means to loose in Chinese.

To illustrate, you must place your bags always on the table or over the chair but not on the floor because traditionally you will loose money and secondly, the floor is dirty.

These are the traditions that we follow in every day life. However, should this be just a mere superstition? Does this bring us luck? So far, it did for me but it is up to us to set it as part of your entity. Never put too much expectation on many traditions because the reality is, one must work harder and learn to persevere in order to obtain luck to be certain. Then, balance work, good sleep and pleasure to bring us joy and success. Just enjoy life to the fullest.

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