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Hello Met Gala 2022

Last few days ago all the A - List celebrities, musicians, designers and artists gathered to New York in celebration of the American arts and culture. This was a legit Oscars for fashion and the invitation was very steep and very exclusive. Among the attendees were Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Bella Hadid, Jiji Hadid, Kim Kardasian, Hailey Bieber and to name a few. Everyone were lavishly glam up for the event.

I was thrilled when we got an email invitation to virtually let Elyss and Fleur come to this momentous night. Of course, much I would like to say thank you and gratitude for this opportunity to the chairman organiser and the Vogue editor-in-chief Ms. Anna Wintour, her team and the Metropolitan Museum for making this event most memorable to us. Such an honour and privilege to make our dolls as important as to all of those who walked elegantly at the red carpet. The background was photographed by Hunter Abram.

Arriving at the red carpet where Elyss bedazzled everyone. She was wearing a golden green made of Sophie Hallette corded lace gown designed by Joana Almagro. Accessorised with gold chain bracelet and embedded pearls, pink clutch bag with metal chains and golden earrings. Defined with her statuesque pose wearing a pair of gold and pink strap heels.

All eyes and cameras glistens with flash when Fleur strut on the red carpet with her beautiful ensemble in fuchsia pink serpentine gown and with Buoffant tulle short sleeves. She was carrying this old stylish lace clutch and accessorised with pearls, silver chain bracelets and tear drop earrings.

Such a spectacle with hellos and moments of mutual outfit admirations where everyone felt relaxed and enjoyed the full night with orchestra, food, wine and conversations. Elyss and Fleur had a blast that night.

At the after party Mara Gelingen, the editor-in-chief of Dime Magazine was spotted at the venue and was photographed of course. She did not attend the grand entrance with the celebrities but she had decided to come later this evening.

Indeed, a turning of events where we never knew that we were invited at the last minute for this virtual play and letting our dolls to be present to make a mark on such one important occasion.

I hope you like our blog for today guys and stay tuned for the next one.

Before I sign out just always remember #staygorgeous and #keepsmiling

Have a wonderful day gorgeousness!

Love xoxo

Ella Superstarr


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