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New Year New Dolls

New year is the new beginning because our new collection is finally here for some extra holiday cheers. Speaking of extra! Our new collection is called EXTRAVAGANZA.

We are extremely excited because it’s been few months we work so hard to make this possible. Finally the wait is over, you are the first one to have a glimpse of these beautiful fashion dolls.

The Extravaganza dolls have an amazing details.

All dolls have hand applied lashes, rooted hair and meticulously hand sprayed face paint. She has 16 joints for articulation and has detachable hands. The doll has beautiful accessories and high quality clothes. What more to say that both her feet and nails are painted with nail polish. Let‘s meet the fashionistas!

Say hello to Ella Baxter. She is the daughter of a rich and conglomerate

Sir Alfred Baxter. She was born in London UK and a sought after fashion influencer.

Bonjour Mademoiselle! The smarty Lou Lou is a fashion designer and has a famous clothing line called Lou Collection. She is the heiress of the renowned “Le Grand“ department store in Paris France.

Meet the lovable and down to earth

Ysabelle. She is a famous model and philanthropist. Born in Los Angeles, USA and a daughter of oil conglomerate Sir Crispin of Bel Air.

Her charity works are super famous and that is why she’s named “ The Youngest Global Change Leader “

Last but not the least, meet the fierce and beautiful Mara. Who is a successful fashion editor - in - chief at the Dimes Magazine.

She was born in Geneva, Switzerland and a VIP member of London, Milan, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.


Aren’t these lovelies super incredible and of course beautiful. All dolls have their own personalities that surely everyone will likely adore.

The talented Joana Almagro has found her gem creating the Extravaganz’s which bring us the highlight for your newest and another perfect addition to your doll collection.

These dolls will be ready to pre- order in mid spring 2022. So, stay tuned and we will keep you posted.

and keep healthy!

Love and Kisses

Ella Superstarr


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