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New York Trip with Lou Lou and Mara| Ella Superstarr (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Hey guys! How are you doing? As for my self all is great here in Zurich Switzerland. It has been a while I haven’t wrote anything on my blog as we were on pause for a longer period because of our USA trip. Now, just I have time for myself, recollect and write down our wonderful vacation few weeks ago.

First stop was heading to New York. I tell you it was my first time to visit there and for me it was totally different from many cities I have visited before. It was a lot of walking, exploring the city and I enjoyed it to a great extent. Nonetheless, Lou Lou was even more excited for this trip because for some certain reasons. Let's see what where they?

Before the onset....

Lou Lou was delighted because she had an invitation with FAO Schwarz for a meeting. So, she was in a full rush heading to the airport and flew in business class with Swiss Air from Paris to New York. At that time, another reason was that her bestie Mara Gelingen, the editor-in-chief of Dime Magazine was coincidentally there too. So, there's a reason for her to visit NYC immediately.

After 10 hours later upon arrival at the hotel. Lou Lou went up immediately to the rooftop and enjoying a breathe taking view in the morning. And she said "Hello and welcome to New York!" as she wail her excitement to the neighbourhood. Then, she sniffed the great smell of freshly baked bagels from the store opposite the hotel. "Oh that freshly baked food! What a pure delight!" she uttered.

Meanwhile, Mara Gelingen was already in New York few days ago and she was waiting for her train heading towards downtown.

Subsequently, stopping at the Time's Square as Mara was trying to call a taxi hurriedly for her to be on time meeting with Lou Lou.

Whilst waiting for Mara, Lou Lou passed by the Central Park and enjoyed the vast green lush surroundings. She felt refreshed by the atmosphere encircled with full of trees in the middle of city.

"What a beautiful morning!" Lou Lou said. As she walks along the Columbus Square Station heading to meet Mara Gelingen.

At last the two have met at "The Magnolia Bakery Shop" at the upper west side of New York.

The famous bakery featured at the Sex and City movie is located at West 11th street, Bleecker St, NY, 10014 USA.

Even myself (Joana Almagro) cannot contain but to have a selfie with the girls at the bakery shop because this was one of my bucket list that has been ticked off. I cannot express how I felt that day and thought it was a dream because only I saw this venue on television. But maybe, it was predestined and momentous that I have visited this shop after all.

The most memorable day for us when Lou Lou and Mara went to Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker's) apartment for the Sex and City movie and series. This was an awesome and very exciting day for us.

For the next story (Part 2) Mara had a long walk but do you know where? And Lou Lou's meeting with FAO Schwarz. How was it? That we will find out soon.

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#staygorgeous and Keep smiling! and I wish you all having a wonderful day.

Love Lots,

Ella Superstarr


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