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Now Open for Pre-Order Ella Baxter

We had a blast last weekend because we were travelling to Milano Italy. I was there because it was one of my holiday trip with my partner. Also, I grab that opportunity to bring all my favourite Extravaganza dolls and create a small video, releasing the second doll for pre-order. It was fun and I did not expect that there are so many people at the plaza of Duomo. Right then and there, I just opened my iPhone and begin to film. No shame at all, let me spill the tea ☕️

We have visited the famous fashion street of Monte Napoleone and enjoyed a nice cafe experience at the Chopard pop up cafe along the end of the road.

Whilst we were at the cafe, I managed to have a wifi and started to do a live stream via Instagram stories. It was nice to see that many of our dolly fans around the world stay tuned with me. I would like to say thank you also for everyone who participated to ask questions and gave their waves to say hello. I really appreciated it a lot.

Now the long wait is over because your favourite fashion influencer Ella Baxter is now open for pre- order at our respective dealers worldwide. So visit our dearest dealers for you to start the pre order.

Ella Baxter the new doll of high end, ULTRA collectible doll and the ultimate fashion's finest and London's sweetheart makes her the highly sought after fashion influencer worldwide. She's the daughter of the rich and conglomerate Sir Alfred Baxter from London, UK. Ella is wearing a tweed jacket, chiffon top with ribbon and belted short skirt. Accessories includes a pink patent leatherette bag and matching pink high heels.


*Delivery of Ella Baxter is available in mid-February 2023*

In addition, Lou Lou La Grande is still available at Simon's Collectible store for pre-order. Hurry up as it will be sold out soon!


So before our blog is come to an end everyone! I would like to say thank you to all for supporting us and from the bottom of our hearts we truly felt your sincerity and this is appreciated.🫶🏻💕 a lot.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and here is a picture of me with Ella Baxter in Duomo, Milano, Italy.

So before I let you go gorgeousness! Please be kind to one another. Be courageous to tackle your goals and keep healthy. #staygorgeous

Much love ❤️

Ella Superstarr


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