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SPRINGTIME Roses and Dolls

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Meanwhile, did you feel that the season has changed and it is Springtime. This is the month of every flowers sprouting and it is my most favourite season in a year. The cherry blossoms that blooms beautifully on the streets of Zurich Switzerland.

Few days ago, I went out and stroll around the city. It was sunny as well, so I was lucky to feel that gentle cool breeze air at the same time, indulging the warm heat of the sun. So refreshing!

The city itself surprises the people with fountains of roses. Isn't it marvellous. I took pictures of myself and post it on my IG page.

Each fountains located in the city centre has floating roses over the water fountain and people where enjoying taking pictures.. This is a celebration of the flower festivals and the pre-Easter holiday weekend in Europe.

I see a lot of red and warm colours such orange and pinks. They are the trendy colours for this month of spring.


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Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your days.

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Ella Superstarr

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