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Thank You, Sales and Reviews Lou Lou La Grande Doll

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Previously, we sent a gift to our lovely friend @BeautyInsideABox and made his honest opinion about our Lou Lou La Grande doll. For those who doesn't know about @BeautyInsideABox. He is from London UK, a doll influencer and a YouTuber for almost a decade. He is famous for being straight forward to every doll he reviews. I appreciate his comments to our Lou Lou doll saying "She's stunning, I'm living for this doll." He gasped. In addition, he said " This doll is like made of porcelain". You will see and watch his full review via his Instagram feed. click the link here:

Our team and I would like to thank @BeautyInsideABox for loving and appreciating our first launched Lou Lou La Grande.

In addition, speaking of gratitude. A wonderful news to our dealer from Australia @superstardollssydney had made a sold out product announced last week.

We also would like to say a massive thanks to our loyal supporters who bought our first doll and believed in our creativity. We continue to celebrate and create more dolls for every doll lovers to cherish worldwide. From the bottom of our hearts, again thank you all! Much love XOXO 💕

For those who haven't still got to pre- order yet, our dolls are available to the following stores:

Sideshow in the USA

Simon's Collectibles in the UK

Superstar Dolls Sydney in Australia (second batch pre- order is now open)

Grab your Lou Lou La Grande doll now before it's gone.

Thank you for reading our blog for today and before I sign off, keep #smiling and #Staygorgeous

Love lots,

Ella Superstarr


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