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Winter Holidays 2022

Elyss and Fleur are excited for their winter holidays. Do you know where they went? Of course, the two departed to the mecca of winter ski resorts in St. Moritz.

We followed their exciting journey as they arrived at the beautiful 4 star hotel “The Cresta Palace“. Elyss is wearing a beautiful yellow wool sweater, ruffled tulle skirt and accessorised with belt pouch with ankle boots. Whilst Fleur is wearing a chocolate wool sweater, high waisted cullotes and pink peek-a-boo ankle boots.

They immediately checked-in and passing through this beautiful lounge of the hotel.

In the afternoon, Fleur went out and enjoying her afternoon stroll nearby the hotel.

The next morning, Elyss and Fleur are spoiled with cakes and teas served in bed. How lovely isn’t it?

The Cresta run is very famous in St. Moritz. Every year the whole town organised this event with full of fun and competition. Elyss joined at the ski challenge.

Later that evening they went to celebrate Elyss’s participation at the Cresta Run. Both are wearing elegant outfits. Elyss wore a jacquard jacket and navy with gold jumpsuit. Whilst Fleur is wearing a brocade floral dress.

They had the most incredible experience and ultimately enjoyed their stay in St. Moritz.

I hope you also enjoyed reading Elyss and Fleur’s weekend adventures.

#staygorgeous and until next time.

Love and Kisses,

Ella Superstarr


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