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Who is Joana Almagro?

Do you know Joana Almagro? Well of course I do. For those who doesn't know about her, I will tell you something that you don't know. If you know her already, maybe you do but you should keep reading. Perhaps, you might not know everything.

I know Joana since the beginning of her career. I met her when we were at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. We were always hanging out at the same corridor because our class has no boundaries. I was in graphics and she was a fashion design major. You know when studying bachelors of art in design everything are in the same huge corridor. The faculties of the arts likes to mingle with everyone. So after many years, I just got a chance to visit Zurich Switzerland despite of this pandemic time. I have to undergo a 7 days quarantine and at last I am cleared so I manage to catch up with her.

Yesterday, it was a beautiful afternoon and I was invited to meet up for a coffee by Joana. We went to this old cafe and confectionary called Condetorei Schober located at the old city of Zurich. The shop was filled with mouth watering pastries, from cookies to a sweet smell of different cakes. Indeed, we sat inside to across the foyer next to the ornamented table. We were excited to see each other and opt for a conversation.

I know that it was also Joana's birthday (January 12th) so I handed her a gift and hope she like's it. It was a classic Barbie signature doll "I love Lucy edition in the 50's". Of course she does, who doesn't like vintage Barbies? I do too. So, as we go on with our day at the cafe. I need to interview Joana and I have prepared at least 7 questions to get to know her more and for the readers to realise. Here are the random questions that I did on that day.

  • Tell me in one word, to describe Joana Almagro?

Joana: Well, that's a hard one because I have many words to describe myself. The word I would say is "Creative".

  • What makes you blush?

Joana: Hahahaha! When I put my blush on? lol, just kidding. Perhaps when I see my love everyday that makes me blush.

  • I remember you told me, you climb trees when you were young? why is that?

Joana: Oh! you still remember this? That was long time ago. I hardly remember but I did it because it was fun, we're playing like who's who can climb on top. That was our silly games when we were kids. The prize was to get or pinch the sweetest mangoes when you did it. Good thing no one got hurt.

  • I know that you were a nurse, what made you decide to change career path?

Joana: Yes, I used to be a registered nurse but I realised that fashion was my forte. I like to create, design and be expressive. It was my calling that I have to change career since then.

  • Ella Superstarr, describe in one sentence and why you started creating dolls?

Joana: Ella Superstarr is phenomenal doll that projects positivity which encourages young and mature doll enthusiasts to be innovative, creative and discover the essence of joy in our daily lives. Why I started this project because I love dolls so much since childhood. After climbing trees with the boys and girls from the neighbourhood, my mother scolded me for doing so. The clever thing was, that my mother decided to put me in an art class and that was when I met Caroline. She had a Barbie doll. That was the first time I saw a beautiful fashion doll that was like truest fashion icon I could imagine. I fell in love with one six scale dolls since then.

  • What is your challenge creating dolls despite of the crisis?

Joana: I like challenges because it gives me the hype. Although, the pandemic makes the process slow which is a challenge also, but I manage to create beautiful dolls, designed here in Switzerland. The Extravaganza and Elyss Dolls are my favourites.

  • Speaking of your dolls, why is it called Extravaganza and Elyss not Almagro Dolls?

Joana: Of course it is and Almagro dolls however only as my DNA like fashion, style and colors that are trendy which I love. However, I believe that Extravaganza has more power to its word. You know it gives "Sashay realness" as it defines a spectacular and glamorous vibe. The main characters of these dolls are Ella, Lou Lou, Ysabelle and Mara which they have their own looks and backgrounds. I am quite a traveller myself and these dolls depicts on this aspects about my life.

Elyss dolls are quite demure and royalty. ELYSS stands for Elate, Lovable, Youthful, Sensational and Sovereign. She is a type of doll that is Queenly, Princess or fairy - tale material.

  • How did you come up the brand named Ella Superstarr?

Joana: I was binge film watching last year and it happened to be a Cinderella movie made in 2015 with actress Lilly James. It fascinated me and this film gave me an idea, to create dolls. That on top with the quote "Have courage and be kind".

I was holding back for so long on playing and be creative with dolls. Since I watched this film, it prompt me to create Ella - from the word Cinderella. Then, Superstarr - which means courage and act like a superstar. It was funny at first but now it isn't, this is brilliant.

It was a lovely afternoon indeed. We had so much fun and the ambiance gave this sweet smell of delicatessen which exudes our olfactory to just finish the last crumbs of our cakes. They offered wide selection of teas and it was amazing.

I hope you learn more about Joana Almagro as I believe she is the one to watch within in the doll design and toy making.

Mind you, I felt her positivity and passion about her dolls. We should support her on this journey. So, take your time and subscribe, of course you'll get a wonderful 20% Off gift coupon in return. Click here to sign up to her newsletters and so you won't miss any updates.

I wish you all a wonderful day and always stay gorgeous. Until next time,

Love and Kisses,

Mara Belle

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